Study programmes for academic year 2018/2019

Applied Physics

Faculty Faculty of Science
Study, form, type single-major, full-time, doctoral
Language of instruction English
Length of study (years) 4
Academic title Ph.D.
Estimation of admissions next year
Study guaranteed by Mašláň Miroslav, prof. RNDr. CSc.

Programme description

The study focuses on the issues of implementation and automation of physical measurements and subsequent interpretation of obtained experimental results. The scientific training and development of the students is primarily directed to the area of physics and chemistry of the solid matter and to the area of nanoparticle research. The students become acquainted with various experimental techniques such as Mössbauer spectroscopy, X-ray powder diffraction, nuclear magnetic resonance, atomic force microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, infrared spectroscopy, etc.

Requirements for admission

To doctoral study in Applied Physics are admitted graduates with a Master's degree in teaching of physics in secondary and elementary schools or a related field. Practical experience in the field is not necessary condition for admission. Formal requirements and the required documents are an internal part of the Study Regulations of the Palacký University in Olomouc and its Faculty of Science. It requires the candidate's ability of independent and creative approach for a research in the field of an education in physics. Candidate's publications in the field of research or a professional work are particularly appreciated. It is also required the basic ability of communication in English language, which is verified during the entrance exam. The internal part of the admission procedure is a recommendation of a supervisor and the preliminary topic of the dissertation. It is therefore recommended for the applicant to discuss the topic of his doctoral dissertation with his potential supervisor before submitting the application. The list of doctoral dissertation topics for the respective academic year is available on the website of the Faculty (

Programme teaching goals

The aim of the study is the preparation of highly qualified experts for scientific work in applied and experimental physics. The study provides a broad scope of knowledge in the field of physics to educate scientists with an independent and creative approach. Students will get acquainted with a wide range of experimental methods of physics, learn to design and conduct experiments, measure and interpret the measured data and publish them in scientific journals or in the form of laboratory protocols. The student's participation in the research projects of the training center is also expected.

Graduates‘ profile

Graduate of Doctoral Studies in Applied Physics acquires deep theoretical knowledge and experimental experience in the field given by the focus of his dissertation work. He is able to work independently, to design physical experiments, to process and evaluate measured data, to write research reports and professional publications. The graduate is able to use modern software to evaluate and present measured data. He is also able to solve more complex practical problems regarding physical topics, including designing an experimental set.

Employability prospect

Graduates will find an employment the research institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, R & D centers, and departments of physics in universities and research departments of companies and manufactories focusing mainly on physics. Selected graduates may also find employment as post-doctoral staff at foreign research institutions or universities.

Possible job positions

assistant professor at the physical departments of higher education institutions, research worker in the field of physics at higher education institutions, R & D centers, Czech Academy of Sciences, research and development departments in companies and manufactures (including management positions), post-doctoral researcher at foreign research institutions or colleges